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They emailed me back today with this.

The warranty on the rear view mirror did expire at the same time the warranty on the vehicle expired. However, If you are interested, please feel free to contact "Sybesma Electronics" for assistance in obtaining a replacement rear view mirror. Sybesma will send you a form (via email) requesting additional information about your vehicle and any features your mirror may have been equipped with. This form will need to be completed and returned to Sybesma along with digital pictures of your mirror. Please attach clear photos of the mounting device to the windshield, as well as the plug, the front, and the rear views of the mirror. All this information is useful to ensure that the replacement mirror will fit and function. There is a reasonable cost for this service.

You may contact Sybesma via E-mail @:


Steve Chenlo
Quality Assurance
Office: 616-786-7495
Fax: 616-786-7560
Magna Donnelly Corporation
3575 128th Ave. North
Holland, Mi 49424

Maybe I can get some new added features and all that I was looking for.
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