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Had a chance to shoot with the M8 today. I had the 28mm f2.8. I'm sorry I can't post images as they were for a client and they have not been released.

I was really impressed and I actually went into it not wanting to like it at all. The rangefinder takes a little getting used to when you don't shoot with one very often, but I loved the way it made me slow down and really get into the image I was trying to create. The images were of course amazing. The most noticeable feature were the details found in the shadows and the low noise at higher ISO's. What little noise there was at those higher ISO's blown up had a feel close to film grain, unlike the snow storm found on Canon's.

The setup I used retailed for $6,800.00. If I could only have one digital camera with one lens that would probably be it. Although for my shooting style I would need to step up my range finder prowess.

Sorry I can't post pics and may revisit this thread when the images are released.
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