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In looking at this, I have a few questions.

Here is the isolator

As it reads, set-up looks very simple. I've also checked out a few set-ups on and see a lot of folks retaining the stock LR starting battery, and adding a deep-cycle secondary. It seems the Optima is very popular.

My questions start here.

Optima claims that wiring two different batteries in parallel is not a good idea.
"Can I hook an Optima up in parallel with my other battery?
No, when hooking batteries together in parallel they should be of identical make, model, and of similar age."

I guess this is in reference to jobs such as John's install and RV's.

Now, what is the difference when you use an isolator between the two batteries? It seems to me that you're still connecting the batteries in parallel by connecting the two positive thermals.

I know it's being done, but are there any ill effects when using a a "stock" LR starter battery in conjunction with a deep-cycle battery, such as Optima or Odyssey, when utilizing this Traxide isolator in a D3?
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