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I've never had to deal with a rolled vehicle on or off the trail so it isn't as easy for me to critique their technique as perhaps it is for others. (The fact that the guy in charge seems to be running around in cammies and what looks like a shoulder holster does suggest a fair amount of goofiness, however).

I'd appreciate thoughts on how a better/safer recovery could be effected, if anyone feels like commenting in greater detail on the example above.

I did a little research to see how others upright a rolled vehicle and the best examples I found were from towing companies, so how much it would apply to a trail situation may vary. The first video is the most interesting (to me) because of the use of a "roll over stick" to prevent/reduce sliding. It doesn't appear to be attached to the vehicle in any permanent fashion.

Here are some others I found, some instructional in nature, others just videos of people doing their thing.

Interesting because it appears that they're winching on the vehicle from multiple directions at once:

This one isn't about a rolled vehicle, but it's interesting anyway...

This one is just funny....

Spending some time on youtube looking at various examples of roll overs, wrecks and recoveries among the 4x4 community shows just how many wing nuts are out there on the trail. A little scary!

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