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Some thoughts

Some details and variable are not addressed below, but this is a basic overview.

1. Safety of bystanders. All non-essential personnel out of the recovery zone.
2. Safety of recovery personnel. Marshal clearly defined, all PPE in use. Chain of command and communication methods reviewed.
3. Control and containment of leaking vehicle fluids.
4. Assessment for known variables (sliding, final vehicle positioning, etc.)
5. Safety and chalking/securing of recovering vehicles (if present) i.e., prevent further damage to other assets.
6. Control and securing of the stuck/rolled vehicle. i.e., winch rigging and chalking and lashing to ensure a predictable righting.
7. Audit of all rigging for WLL and sufficient rope length and spooling with adequate allowance for underage/overage
8. Stability/safety of recovered vehicle once righted
9. Full safety inspection of recovered vehicle before moved, repaired or started. i.e. fire hazards, loose kit, battery acid, etc.
10. Full clean-up of recovery site, including all glass and non-bio fluids. Post-assessment.

One of the most important things, that is often forget... 99% of the time, you are not in a rush, so assess, create a recovery plan, go slow and safe.
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