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Originally Posted by JSQ
What about the corkscrewed strap and the jumping around on the vehicle mid recovery?

How did this guy break his hand?
Did he have it hanging out the window or something?

Is a corkscrewed strap inherently weaker than a strap that is kept flat? If I take a 3000lb strap and twist it 20 times is there a relative reduction in strength? Or is it just aesthetics? I don’t know the answer. I know that strap was corkscrewed because one guy grabbed one end of a coiled strap and another guy grabbed the other end and they ran in opposite directions to quickly deploy the strap between the rolled vehicle and the only vehicle that luckily happened to be behind Will.

I don’t think I suggested it was a text book recovery and it wasn’t. What I felt compelled to defend was the immediate dismissal of the recovery as a joke; and the idea of a “must-have-a-roll-over spirit” is just not true. Nobody wants that. This was a great group of guys and an unfortunate accident happened. We were on our way back after eight hours of wheeling when the flip happened. Nobody wanted this but everybody helped as best they could. For the record, all the “yahoos” stayed home this year – couldn’t handle the curfew I guess. Nice quiet weekend.

The jumping on the vehicle in that first video was Eddie (I think) deploying the ebrake to prevent the truck from rolling forward as we attempted to right the vehicle. There was a bit more to the recovery than that clip and after the initial adrenaline phase there were some deep breaths and a well formulated recovery (IMHO). As you can see the vehicle could not be righted in that location (I still don’t know how he flipped and ended up so close to the rocks on the right) so we had to inch the vehicle forward until it was past the rocks enough to stand upright. The Disco strapped from behind and the other Disco winching from the front along with the Defender winching from the side (and the ticks holding the truck while the side winch was repositioned) got the job done. There was no further injury, or damage to the vehicle from the recovery. My daughter took some other video (from a safe distance) – I’ll see if I can figure out how to post it.

I didn’t see the rollover so I’m not clear how Will’s hand came to be between his truck and the rocks. The first four guys on the scene lifted the truck enough for him to free his hand. We didn’t know it was broken at the time. Will is the guy in “cammies” and the “shoulder holster” is a four point binocular strap – I’d say more geeky than goofy. I suspect he instinctively stuck out his hand to stop his face from hitting the rocks.

Greg, yes that’s the spot, and ironically Will was the only one to take the right hand line on the way up - should have taken it on the way down
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