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White Rim Trail and More...

I had my heart set on driving the white rim trail on our visit to the 4 corners. We got lucky and managed to reserve two last minute campsites on the trail. Shafer the first night with Murphy our next campsite at about 60 miles into the trail. Unfortunetly, our rented Chevy Trailblazer wasn't really up for the challenge. We reached the Airport Campsite (about 12 miles of 100 into the actual white rim trail) and decided to turn around and head back. I'm guessing Chevy underestimates their fuel guage amounts. At 12 miles in, we had 3/4 of a tank left which didn't look good. We left Moab with a full tank. I figured the trailblazer had to be using around 8 mpg or less. We both were uneasy about the 88 miles that lay ahead with the Trailblazers limited clearance, one spare tire, and minimal fuel. It was an interesting drive none the less.

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