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Part I

The crew met up in Moab and headed South to the Mormon Emigrant Trail.

We rolled into a canyon camp under a blanket of stars.

The nice canyon driving wasn't going to last long.

Within a quarter mile of leaving camp the winch was out.

Within a mile Steve pulled his drive shaft to diagnose an ungodly noise. This about the time Nick's electrical nightmare took hold.

Not long after getting back on the trail and watching the weather move in, Rob lost a rear shock. The wind had to be blowing at 40 knots...

By the time we reached the crux of the trail the wind had subsided and rain took it's place.

Normally I wouldn't post a photo like this based on it being technically horrid, but I felt it illustrated what we were up against. The rain was coming down good at this point and it was getting dark, that photo was shot at 400 iso @ 80th to give you an idea. The trail was originally cut into the wall by Mormon pioneers for the width of a wagon, which by all accounts isn't much wider than a horses ass. Steve's rear tire is on the edge of that cliff in soft, wet sand. This is the last picture I took that day as I needed to be winched through that point and things just got worst as we camped at the next wide spot. I think Rob has pictures of the beginnings of a flash flood that traveled through our camp that night.

After a long night being battered by wind and rain we waited out the storm and headed out.

The rain had changed some of the obstacles for the better. This crack was filled in with close to 8 inches of sand making it infinitly easier.
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