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Part II

Looking out over Cedar Mesa towards Monument Valley on our way to meet Marc.

We enjoyed a beautiful night under the stars in the Cheesebox area.

This is why you always, always have a filter covering your glass. A $70 new filter vs. a $1500 new lens.

Lake Powell.

Rob replaces his shock with one Marc brought down with him.

On to Nick's truck, who blew out a front shock on the way to the lake. Marc engineers a front Fox 12" travel shock out of a spare rear OME shock.

While the mad scientists re-engineered suspension components and rewired a fuel pump, Rob and I cut cord to length. We had all of our rear doors tied down because of the wind.

A lot of this...

To get to some of this...

Marc... Handy with a sling...

The sunsets were just awful this time around...

Chef Marc prepping his should-be-famous beef stew.

When you can smell it, its done...

A day rebuilding a drive shaft. It seems a rock or something was flung up into the CV and bent the balls cup causing all sorts of problems. Marc also spent a goo dpart of the day re-wiring Nick's truck, again.

Steve threw down the Korean BBQ for a sweet sunset meal that left all of us rolling in gluttony.
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