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Part III

Nothing like a hot shower to get your day going right. Yep, you heard me right, hot shower. Marc will never cease to amaze and bewilder us common minded folks.

The Rob in his natural element. Anyone that has been out overnight with The Rob will appreciate this.

We saw three of these signs on our way into the Black Hole...

Lunch break in a massive amphitheater.

Frogs were all over the place as we reached the water.

The Rob drops into a crystal clear pool of water in a corkscrew maze of sandstone.

The Black Hole

Deeper into the Black Hole.

The salmon that The Rob brought was gobbled up pretty quick after 6 miles through the Black Hole.

Our last morning together as a group. You can see the La Sal mountains between the trucks on the horizon and the Abajo mountains on the far right of frame. Those mountains are 60 miles apart and we are 90 miles west of the La Sals at 9000 feet.
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