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I'm glad you guys are digging the post. This is just a few of the images, I will have all the images posted in the adventure section soon and hopefully when Steve, Marc, Rob and Nick get back they will post up their perspectives.

So... This being our last morning together, I thought why not go and get good and stuck before anyone has a chance to finish their morning coffee. This was a good lesson for me and never under estimating the pull of gravity. It looked like a simple snow crossing, we walked it first poking the snow and looking for any hidden obstacles. Again, it looked straightforward, stay high and plow through the snow nice and slow, which was fine until I tried to back up to give another push with some momentum. The melting snow had caused the edge of the road to get real soupy and soft. My rear tire was sinking quickly. I'd be a liar if I didn't say I was nervous.

Marc immediately took charge of the recovery orchestrating 3 winches. Steve's truck was anchored to a 36" tree and Marc was anchored to Rob's truck. Marc's truck was attached to my rear recovery point, Steve's truck was attached to my roof rack just for stability by way of a pulley system, my winch went to a tree at my 10 o'clock.

Once the lines were set Marc called out the commands, slowly pulling my truck up and away from the edge and back towards safety.

We left Marc and headed West over the Henry Mountains, the last mountain range in the lower 48 to be mapped, also home to 500 free range Bison... That we did not see.

Capitol Reef.

We rolled into Boulder and checked into Poles Place Motel. The lady that runs the place is a total nut case, but a good second choice if the Boulder mountain Lodge is full. We went to Hells Back Bone Grill for dinner, where I caught up with some old friends and ate locally raised NY strip.

The next day we lost Steve to Salt Lake City, he needed to fix his drive shaft proper. The Rob and I headed West through Zion to Hurricane where we replaced The Rob's fan clutch and ate some great Mexican food at Lupita's. Mmmm Lupita's. With the cooling issue resolved we headed back towards Zion for our last night of the trip.

...And that is how I spent my 14 days in the desert.
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