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man what a nice trip...

I unfortunately do not have the photographic panache of senior Sinuhe, but i did manage to get in a few slot shots. As most of you know, the slots are my obsession, and the boys reluctantly pacified my need to search for that perfect ribbon of canyon light.

unfortunately not all canyons stay nice and pretty

sometimes you'll swim through pools with dead bunnys (or frogs?)

or floating crows?
yeah the photo sucks, but it stunk so i had to make it quick

but eventually you'll reach that off the beaten path jewel, that makes the slog through the canyon worth it.

again not technically impressive, but here are a few that i liked for the following reasons:

this one has to be my favorite,
this is Gladis... (rob)
what's great about this shot is the back story
Gladis and i did some serious damage to a bottle of Patron the night before. but unfortunately for Gladis, tequila doesn't sit well with him. But, like a little trooper, Gladis followed us on our 6 mile slog through the desert, and never complained. i'm not sure if it was the 100 mid day temps, the sand slogging hike with full sun exposure, or if it was the donning of the 7mm wetsuit, but poor Gladis wasn't a happy camper.

this is Gladis, in his 7mm wetsuit, in the 100 desert sun, readying himself to slip into a pool of 40 water and hung way over
isn't canyoneering fun Rawb

one of the rare shots of steve actually smiling...

Sinuhe giving me his "pirate salute" for dragging through yet another cold wet canyon.

Sinuhe shot this of me in the Black hole (my camera)

Sinuhe "the jedi masta" and Gladis

the Plateau Posse (minus nick)

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