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My pictures are rather lame but I captured a few of the rainy camp and some other shots which help fill in the story.

So here we go

First thing first. The snow peak blowtorch is standard kit for all in the party. No more kindling, no more messing with matches. Just stack the wood Lincoln log style in a square and put a piece in the middle and blowtorch the ends. In about 5 minutes you'll have raging fire even in the rain as we proved our second night out.

This is what someone means when talk about style. "thats not my style". My style is t-shirts and extra short shorts. Steve likes long baggy pants and short sleeve synthetic dress shirts; that's his style. Sinuhe on the other hand likes to play dress up I guess thats his style who am i to knock it, the sage cigarettes were borderline, my ex girlfriend smoked those..

The impending doom was upon us, this is the point at which my shock broke, steves drive shaft got angry and nicks truck stopped running and needed to be rewired for the first time.

This was the camp at the top of the hill. We had to go over that soft spot which Sinuhe commented on at top. and with the rain adn all the vehicular trouble decided that trail was telling us something. John and Ho you will remember this camp is where you guys told everyone about starting a company called expedition exchange. A few years later I went back and did this trail and found a dead horses at this camp. Those bones are scattered all around now.

I didn't take a picture of the bones. I regret that.

High winds and heavy rain wree no match for our trusty tarp..

That is until the this drainage came to life.

and flooded under our the tarp - this is the point that we decided start hiking and try to enjoy the rare desert flood

several minutes into our -if you can't beat 'em join 'em hike were were thoroughly soaked and miserable. I was beginning to miss home.

We headed back to camp and the snow peak torches saved the say again. We enjoyed cup-o-soup and jagermister that night, mm delicious.

What a difference a day can make. The posse was foot loose and fancy free this morning. Happy to be on our way out

thats the drama of the hole in the rock trail. I lost my camera periodically in the car after this point but when i found it I'd take a picture here and there, these are those.

1999 Discovery 1

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