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hi guys,

I had a blast on this trip, like i always do when the guys invite me to join them. I cant think of a better way to recharge the batteries.
I had to call it quits a bit earlier than planned since my truck decided to revolt against me on this trip..mostly my fault for not taking care of the little things...note to self.
Thanks to Marcs and Steves Rover skills, i was able to get on the road every time.
I dont have much to add to this thread picture wise since all the guys pretty much covered everything, but i figured i add a couple that i took with my point 'n shoot.

first of course would be Sinuhe The Explorer pointing out our destination. Some might poke fun at the hat... but it was a beacon for all of us.

The Rob in its natural habitat... it took 2 Snow Peak torches to get him out of there.

Sinuhe negotiates this little deal...Chacos and all.

heres The Rob

the road to Lake Powell that claimed my front shock.

but it was worth it

Steve always seems so casual.. like hes going to the store to pick up Pop tarts while the rest of us scrape and grind .

it's a sort of rebirth of the Chuck Wagon if you think about it....but we now have the Cheddar Brats, of course..

Sinuhe negotiated what with the weather and conditions i thought was a "knarly trail" (yes...Knarly) with a 5 speed truck, i was impressed.

Heres a funny me. Last time we did a canyon with Marc, we encountered "unexpected elements", mainly extremely cold water... i mean, the kind that empties your lungs of all air when you hit it and your brain goes into spasms while you try to get your limbs to flail around enough to keep you afloat and get you to the other side... cold.

so here we were..again, in a canyon that was supposed to be dry blah blah...and Steve is in in the lead... i catch up to him and behind him as all that water and he has that smile on his face, "its a swimmer"...priceless.
Of course as easy as it was to give Marc hard time for it, it is nature, anyone that thinks they can predict it is in for a world of hurt.

but, like last time when we finished, i thought it was just awesome and couldnt wait to do it again, weird.

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