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It's no secret as to where the location is, there are only half a dozen places you can reach the lake with a vehicle other than a boat. I don't use a gps, so I have no coordinates for you. I, like you, stumbled across a photo of this location on the internet and started researching it's location. We still drove down some dead ends and found some less than stellar spots on the quest, but that is part of the fun of not knowing what you will get. Steve, Nick and I actually walked a good mile along the shoreline until we found this spot, exposed to the elements high on a sandstone cliff. I would hate to save you from such an experience.

Similar to my no running policy, I have a long standing policy of not giving up the goods. This is not due to me being selfish or being an elitist, I simply think that with the pace of information exchanging hands, I am not doing any wild place a service by posting its location on the internet. All the info is already there...
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