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Originally Posted by Steve Rupp
It's funny that after a thread like this people think the most interesting part is how to make a ghost in a picture.

Not really. It's just the thought of taking better pictures. Learning how to do this "ghost picture" thing teaches you what the features of the camera actually do. You start talking ISO's, apertures, etc.. to me and I'm lost. But if you give me a project and a feel for how you achieve the goal, that's something I can learn from. Just clicking a thousand pictures and playing with the buttons does not teach me anything because I have no clue as to what I just did.

The "ghost picture" is neat and all, but it's not a badass picture. This is a badass picture. This one is very cool, too. Actually, there are lots of badass pictures in this thread, but the "ghost pictures" are just mysterious. I'd much rather learn to take great portraits over anything else.

The interesting part of this thread is the badass pictures. Not just what the pictures are of, but the skillz involved in taking them. Call it envy or what ever, but I want to learn to photograph like that.
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