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Originally Posted by chrisvonc
hey now.. not everyone can afford the high end bling.

Since when a solid field tool set become about money?

It's not about money. It never was.

For example, check out Steve's tools in this pic:

Sure, I can tell that Steve has lots of Knipex and Snap-on tools, but that's not what makes that field set so nice. Look at how tightly Steve's wrenches are organized. It looks to me as though he has two wrenches in each pocket. He also has a very useful array of different tools, and there's no wasted space in his tool bag. It's apparent that he assembled his tool set out of need rather than buying the largest "master tool kit" at Sears or Costco.

This tool set, though it may contain less pieces than that pile in the previous photo, is much more impressive. There's no duplication of socket sizes in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 drive sizes, unless such duplication is desirable for whatever reason. Steve's set also allows for expansion. In contrast, that blow-molded case for that other tool set is fixed in capacity.

Steve's tools are sweet. That other set sucks. It screams rookie.
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