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Wow... Thanks for all the compliments on the photography. I actually wasn't all that pleased, some of my experiments didn't work out and with all the mechanicals, we didn't get to all the places I had wanted, so it is great to hear that the images are appreciated.

Originally Posted by marc olivares
i was able to get i camera wet, unlike Sinuhe, who had to double wrap his gear in 2 dry bags, which were then wrapped around his clothing and stuffed into his backpack, leaving poor sinuhe half naked with a very cold pothole swim ahead of him...VICTIM!!!!

That was truly a very cold swim...

Originally Posted by mtnrovr
i'm lovin the pith helmet. Sinuhe, where did you score such an awesome lid?

It is a Dorfman Pacific Linen Pith Helmet... I found it in the gardening section of OSH.

Originally Posted by parantaeyang
I went home and decided to try the slow shutter trick.
and it DOES work!

I wouldn't lie to you...
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