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I just finished up installing the Kenwood KOS-V1000 in Tami's LR3. I really like this unit, and Tami does too.

Here is Tami's original parts list. These are the items she started with, but there will be a few changes and I'll explain why.
Kenwood KOS-V1000 AV Controller
Kenwood KCA-iP500 iPod® Control Interface
Kenwood KOS-L702 Monitor
Kenwood KCA-BT200 Bluetooth interface
Kenwood KNA-G510 Add-on navigation system

There are several touch-screen monitors that can be used with this system. Tami has the KOS-L702.

Another option would be the KOS-L432. I like the one Tami has better.

The brains of the operation can be hidden away basically anywhere. In Tami's LR3, I placed the hardware under the rear deck panel. This is just a total waste of space in her LR3, but it worked out well for this install.

I'm not sure of the mounting options in a Defender, but the AV controller would easily fit under a seat. Once installed, there is really no reason for the need of access to the AV controller. The only thing you would need to access is the USB ports. But the AV controller comes with two USB port extenders. They’re about 6-feet long. I have not installed these, yet, as I would like to find some sort of USB clip-in mount so the USB's could be on the dash or the console.

The AV controller has a built-in AM/FM turner. In our case, this was not needed - and until I can find some sort of "Y" adapter for the Land Rover antenna, I cannot hook up both the factory radio and the AV controller at the same time anyway. But if this AV controller was to replace your factory radio, the turner is great. The AV controller also has the round DIN that matches most divorced CD changers. Again, in the case of the LR3, we did not use this port for a CD changer as the LR3 has a built-in changer on the factory radio.

John, one of your concerns with the MUD console was losing the Hazard switch location. "Peep this". One of the features of the AV controller is a four relay control. Meaning, you can plug up to four components into the AV controller and use the touch screen to turn them on or off, in your case, the touch screen could turn your hazards on/off.

You can also change the display colors. It has three-color options from the factory, but there is a way to add other, custom, back grounds and color fonts, but we have not tried this yet. Honestly, I don't even know how, but I bet it has something to do with USB. Here are the three-color options:

One of the options Tami wanted was Bluetooth. This allows her to use her cell phone "hands-free". You'll have to check the Kenwood web site for compatibility with your phone as we found the bluetooth does not work with every bluetooth phone. Tami's new phone did not work, but mine does. Here are a few screen shots of the phone options:

Here is the microphone for the bluetooth:

Tami started with iPod controller KCA-ip500. She did not like this controller and neither did I. The on-screen options sucked. First, we thought maybe it was her iPod as it's the older Gen3 iPod photo. So, we tried mine but the menu was the same. So Tami went to Crutchfield and bought the KCA-ip300v. The KCA-ip300V works much better. Here are a few screen shots of the KCA-ip500:

As you can see, the on-screen menu options suck. You cannot see your songs by artist, or even see entire album songs. This sucks. We even drove out to Crutchfield and had their install tech see WTF was up. He even tried a brand new iPod to see if it was a compatibility issue. What it boiled down to was, the KCA-ip500 sucks.

Here are some screen-shots of the KCA-ip300v:

The Kenwood KNA-G510 is pretty cool, too. It has all the basic (in today’s standards) options, including Points Of Interest (POI's). Here are a few POI screen-shots:

As far as mapping, the standard, stock, map is pretty good. Here is what the standard Garmin map looks like:

You can also zoom in and out to get more detailed information:

There is also the option of displaying the radio controls on the same screen as the Nav:

One total downfall of the stock mapping is that you cannot enter coordinates. You can view the coordience you're currently at, but you cannot enter them to find a location. That sucks. But, there is a fix. The maps are upgradeable. If you go here and enter the information of your set-up, you can see the available options. Some of the options have the coordinates features. You can also get Topo maps. It's unclear to us at this point if other maps other than Garmin can be used.

The AV controller also comes with a remote, for whatever reason.

This is what the screen looks like in the LR3.

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