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That Kenwood looks decent but I don't think that there's a decent spot to mount it in the Defender. It would fit inside the cubby but I don't want to give that up. Also, this space is vulnerable to water leaks at the car wash, etc.

I bought a Garmin GPSmap 276 and Kenwood TM-D710A. I would have preferred a UHF/VHF/HF unit but I could not compromise on built-in APRS and dual band capability. The IC 706 Mk IIG was tempting but I would have had to include a TNC and would not have dual-band use (APRS on 144.39 while simultaneously talking on a simplex freq).

For the mounting, I'm having a custom dash-top mount fabricated. It's a simple plate that will sit flush on the dash and secure via the ashtray well. It will extend just wide enough to hold the Garmin and Kenwood side-by-side and be painted satin black. The GPS and radio do not obstruct the view of the trail, just a portion of the bonnet. I'm doing away with the ugly mount that Kenwood provides. Instead, the dash mount will have the necessary vertical stays to mount the radio directly. I haven't figured out the wire routing but it will probably go through a grommeted hole in the mount, through the ashtray well and down through the dash. I'm also unsure about the GPS antenna and whether or not I'll need an external option for it.
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