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Clarion NAX970HD

Has anyone looked at / concidered the Clarion MAX675VD which hooks up to the Clarion NAX970HD 30GB GPS/Navigation unit. Supposedly it won a CNET award and has tons of cool features!

I am just going through the process right now of installing in my 97 D90. I had the deck previously in my Nissan and it is a great system. The one thing we are unsure of is the D90's VSS (vehicle speed sensor) as the Clarion needs this to drive the speed accuracy for when measuring time to destination. Unfortunately it needs this source of information as opposed to using a moving average calculated from the gps way points. So, all indications are that there is a VSS and I will be installing it over the next 2 weeks (waiting for some tuffy speaker/storage boxes to come in). Barring the VSS not working, then you would need to install a magnetic device on the drive shaft... I'll update when this is complete. If you do go for the this unit (or any unit) pass on the Bluetooth. Too much noise generated with the tires and engine to use it (I find).
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