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I decided to go with a dash mount. I had this one fabricated and painted to match the rest of the satin black steel on the truck. It secures via the ashtray well and has mounts for the Kenwood TM-D710A and the Garmin GPSmap 276. I bought a Kenwood radio because they are the only manufacturer building a rig with integrated APRS.

The mount:

The radio mount is positioned 15 degrees towards the driver. This puts it within hands' reach and reduces glare.

The GPS mount is adjustable and set to match the radio.

Since this photo was taken, I have changed the radio's backlight to green, to match the rest of the dash.

APRS provides a convenient way for everyone on the expedition to track each other. It is also useful in an emergency. If you're using the standard 144.39 MHz for your APRS data and if there are digipeaters and I-gates available, your APRS packets can be relayed onto the Internet and available on sites like
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