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NAS 110 Whine with ICOM Turned On

I have a strange sound from my NAS 1993 110 when I have my ICOM 208H radio turned on (in receive mode) I get a very noticeable medium to high pitch whine from the engine bay. The pitch changes as the engine speed increases, most notably from idle to about 1500 rpm. The whine occurs only when the ICOM is powered on. I have had the alternator and charging system checked and everything tested fine. The radio is connected directly to the terminal on the battery (positive) and after the battery shutoff switch (negative). The radio is mounted on the front facing ‘slope’ of a Tuffy center console. The power wires for the ICOM run from the battery compartment and up through the access cover over the transfer case (the stock routing of the wiring for the AM/FM radio). The antenna coax runs through the interior under the carpet. Finally, the whine disappeared for about two months and then returned for no apparent reason.

Any ideas or suggestions regarding what is causing this?


Richard Kurk
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