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Greg, I had the alternator checked early on with the problem. The whining sound was very (frightenly) similar to a problem I had years ago with a Chevy van. The van use to go through an alternator every 25k miles do to some unknown problem. When it would start to go bad there was a whine that would increase or decrease with engine speed. Every indication is the 110 alternator and general charging is fine.

I believe the ICOM draws very little when in receive mode (vs. transmit) and the whine seems ICOM related because I can turn on a lot of other items (fog lights, AC, even the winch) and not get the whine.

I think I may remove the ICOM from the center console and physically relocate it temporarily somewhere else and see if something changes (I know ... this is really reaching for a cure).

Just to make sure I will re-check the radio power connections (ground and positive).

One more thought ... I have a ICOM V8000 in my Discovery, maybe I will connect that up and see if the whine continues.

Thanks for the comments.
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