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Bill Burke Is Coming To EE!

We are very pleased and honored to announce that Bill Burke of 4-Wheeling America and Camel Trophy fame will be coming to the EE Shop!

Bill will be at the EE Shop on Thursday, November 11th at 5:30 p.m. Bill will first do a short demonstration of recovery equipment and techniques. Following the recovery demonstration will be the main event of the evening: Bill's Camel Trophy slide show. Bill will share his experiences and stories from the 1991 Camel Trophy, a 1200-mile off-road adventure from Tanzania to Burundi that consisted of competitive 4-wheeling tasks of time/speed/distance, road and bridge building, and physical and mental endurance. After the Camel Trophy slide show, Bill will be available to autograph copies of the Getting UNStuck DVD.

Refreshments and snacks will be provided at the event. Everyone is invited, so please come. There is no admittance fee.

Check out:

Hope to see you there.
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