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Section 8

Driving South from Hanksville deep into Butch Cassidy's old stomping grounds you traverse Robbers Roost into the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park. There are thousands of miles of roads and variations of routes possible in this section so bring lot's of extra fuel. The camping up high in the roost is anything but charming, but the camping down in Maze more than makes up for it. You could easily spend a month in this area and not see everything there is to see.

Section 9

This section, if your lucky, will have fuel at Hite Marina on the northern end of Lake Powell. The camping here is amazing in a different way than the sandstone alcoves, canyons or spires of the previous sections. Here it is wide open with sweeping vistas or lakeside overlooks. The closest fuel is Blanding about 70 miles East... Natural Bridges National Monument is close by and worth checking out if for no other reason than saying you did it, for a true off the beaten path quest hike one of the many drainage's of the Cheese Box.
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