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Section 13

Quicksand, this was completely dry the first time I drove over it, 20 minutes earlier.

Lockhart Basin Rd can be seen in lower right of this picture.

Camping among the hoodoos in Indian Creek

There are many variations on how to get to Moab from the Needles district and there is not a single bad choice, even the paved road is spectacular. Deep down in Lockhart Basin you can access the Colorado river by taking a side canyon west, the tamarisk is thick but when we were there a great beach awaited us in the heart of canyon country. Up high on the plateau or mesa to the east, many roads spider web out offering some of the most scenic camping on this side of Canyonlands.

Section 14

Moab is Moab, there can still be some sights to see off the beaten path. When we were out in this particular canyon, it was during the National Rally and we only saw one other truck and it was a Jeep. on these little exploratory missions we managed to find some amazing camping sites that may make going back to Moab worth it... Maybe.

And that is the Utah Traverse. I invite all of you to go out and find your way across the bottom of that state. Leave the GPS behind, forget about a schedule, follow the smallest dashed line on an old map and see where it takes you. Get out of your trucks and walk down a wash that has no name and look for hidden Ancient Pueblo treasures. Sit on the edge of a cliff, watch the swallows ride the invisible air currents and listen to the wind blow. Take only pictures and leave only footprints...
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