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Originally Posted by Mike_Rupp
Geotagging is pretty interesting. My camera will connect to a GPS so it can add the GPS info to each file. The big downside is that you have to lug around a GPS that is attached to the camera. That is a deal killer.

Those GPS devices that match up the time of the picture with the GPD info is definitely much nicer than having a cord and GPS attached to the camera. I'll have to look into it a little further.

Sony makes a little memory stick sized GPS. No display, no external antenna, and lightweight. It clips on to the camera strap.

I use Downloader Pro from BreezeSystems to automatically tag the photos as they are downloaded from the card/camera.

It would be nice if a camera had it all built in though (including the GPS), and that it added a waypoint to the GPX track everytime you took a photo instead of just geotagging the image.
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