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There have been a few changes as of late, all focused on the things not easily seen by others, but immediately noticed by the driver.

I am quite content with the exterior modifications (as shown in the images above), so all of my attention has been on strengthening the drivetrain and enhancing the suspension performance (handling, load capacity, balance, damping).

The next level is to open the axles up and fit a new set of gears, ARB locking differentials, stronger axle shafts, new prop shafts and all new brakes.

I have started to address navigation and communications as well, but fortunately in a reversible way. The Magellan Cross-Over is a small, simple GPS unit that has integrated Topo and street navigation capabilities.

I am also deciding on an amateur radio. The Icom IC-2820H is of interest, with the removable faceplate mounted in the center console (or possibly to the headliner panel, below the dome light).

I will probably end up with an IC-706MKIIG too, but that will be mounted in the EarthRoamer.
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