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Originally Posted by expeditionswest


You're replacing parts that don't break with parts that break.

Those welded radius arms are just asking for trouble. Study the factory radius arms and you'll see that they're made from a single-piece forging. In contrast, the factory trailing arms are made from components welded together. There's a reason Land Rover used a forging for the radius arms. The radius arms are under tremendous force under braking. I've seen a few broken welded radius arms but I've never seen a broken factory radius arm. And there are very few aftermarket radius arms in use and hundreds and hundreds of factory radius arms in use.

Those poly bushings also break. They split catastrophically and you're left with the bolt rattling around inside the hole that the bushing previously occupied. Even worse, the poly bushings break without warning. You can inspect them and they look fine. Then they split without warning. And when they split they are done.

In contrast, the factory rubber bushings don't fail catastrophically. They wear over time and in a predictable manner. When you have a bushing that is going bad, you can tell and you can replace it.

Originally Posted by expeditionswest

I'm not sure I understand the reason for this heim for the A-arm. I've never seen a factory A-arm joint break the way heim joints do. Remember, that heim is not sealed against the elements and it's not lubricated. That's not a good combination. It'll start to wear and you'll get that annoying click sound every time you go over a bump. And it may grenade.

Originally Posted by expeditionswest

That garage door opener. Dump it. It's ghetto in your Disco. Sure, you have to open the garage. But hide that remote. Take apart the remote and find where the wires from the momentary switch are. Then wire in a factory momentary switch on the binnacle or dash or center console. Hide the remote behind the flap that opens beneath the steering wheel. It's some cool shit to open the garage door with a factory switch.

If that's too much trouble, then put the garage door remote inside the center console. It looks like ass mounted on the visor like that.

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