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I don't care about the garage remote - I am not that vain. However, I might get the homelink, which is a simple plug-in and solves the problem of needing two remotes (garage and gate).

The front control arms resolved several handling issues that most (through ignorance of suspension dynamics or preference to have a half-dozen unwired lights) leave unattended. Principally caster. These arms also adjust the wheelbase back to factory and also reduce the included angle of the arm, improving directional stability and reducing articulation induced creep steer. I have not found a suitable caster correction solution for the stock arms, so they had to go.

There is no question of the strength of the stock cast arms, but they are far too much of a handling compromise to leave alone. I am not the least bit concerned about the integrity of these new arms or the bushings they utilize. In general, I have not been a fan of polyurethane, mostly due to the inevitable squeak they product (and often actually limit articulation). I use a new silicon grease that has proven to last with minimal maintenance. These arms with the poly bushing do not limit articulation, and will droop past the extension capacity of the OME shock.

The heim pinion angle adjuster is a fully sealed unit with a polished finish and banded wiper seal. The primary function of the heim assembly is to align the pinion and t-case joint angles (prop shaft) to eliminate vibration. I have driven race trucks with smaller heims than that on the suspension, and am not concerned with durability. The pinion angle adjuster entirely eliminated vibration.

The important result for me is that the Disco rides and drives better than stock, both in low-speed technical terrain and at high-speed in the desert. The combination of OME springs, OME shocks, HD steering components, arms and pinion angle adjuster all corrected for and/or improved the handling performance of my Disco.
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