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Originally Posted by Johnlee
this is easier than swallowing a bird to catch the spider

That's funny.

Originally Posted by Johnlee
I once got really drunk at a friend's wedding and my brother had to drive me home

That's even funnier.

Originally Posted by expeditionswest
my goal is to retain the rotoflex


Originally Posted by Johnlee
When you tested the front flex and how it was limited by the length of the shock, was the vehicle in the driveway with the opposite front wheel on the ground? I'm guessing yes. If the opposite front wheel is tucked hard and that corner's shock and spring are compressed (the way they would be in most cross-axled situations), then I think you'll reach the binding point on the front suspension before you reach the maximum length of the extended shock on the opposite front corner.

What I've found is that with the RTE front links designed to be used with a 3" lift, you'll gain a little more drop in the front axle when jack stands are under the frame and the axle is hanging. The axle will drop just over an inch farther than the OME N115 shocks length.

But when one front wheel is tucked and the truck is actually articulating, you do not get the same measurements. When articulating to the point of a rear wheel coming off the ground, the OME N115's still have about 3/4" of travel left. Unless you're jumping your truck I think the N115's are fine in the front.

However, from what I've found, the OME N44 rear shocks seem to be a tad short for a 3" lift. I've seen some people run them forever, while others pull them apart.
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