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I used the Ho Chung "tuck-it-under-the-windshield-seal" method.

However, this hasn't worked too well so I am going to run all my roof-mounted accessories wiring in plastic automotive conduit and mount it to the side of a Mantec raised air intake next to the driver's side A-pillar.

At the top I'm going to put electrical connectors on all my lighting wiring (except antenna and power cord for motorized mount) so I can remove my roof rack without the pain of removing the roof mounted wiring.

I mounted my NR770 and motorized mount above the driver's side of my rack next to the rail to allow the antenna to move up and down without limiting my storage space on the rack. The antenna when down is right next to the rack edge and the mount is below the edge of the rack.

I mount my spare tire towards the front of my roof rack in the center, whereas some people put a couple Pelican cases on either side in the front to allow the motorised mount to raise and lower the antenna in the center of the rack.

It's a matter of choice however, my location allows me to only have a few inches of antenna cable to deal with when removing my roof rack.

I believe the antenna mounted in the center front may have a very slight advantage in reception/transmission but I'm very happy with the quality of transceiving I have with the Icom IC706 and Diamond NR770 in it's current location. My impression is I have superior transceiving than some others I wheel with due to their choice of components (especially their mic!).

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