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Engel Usage

Hi All,
Used my Engel 45 for the first time this weekend on a short camping trip in Southern California.

My problem was that the Engel never really seemed to get all that cold. I suspect part of the problem was that there wasn't that much run-time since the drive down was only an hour and a half (it was at "1" per the instructions). When it was evident it wasn't getting all that cold, we set it to "5" - just next to freezing, and kept the engine idling for a while (can't recall how long - no more than 30 minutes).

There were subsequently a couple of grocery or sundry runs totaling no more than 30 minutes each. Even using the higher setting, it didn't seem to get any cooler than, say, a wine cellar.

So my question is, how to you get it to run colder? I was thinking that having it plugged into a wall socket and set to "5" for 24 hours prior to a trip may be worth trying. Any other suggestions?

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