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Originally Posted by LoneXhere
I used to leave it on 1.5 with good results. 2 or higher and things started getting frozen and the beer slushy....

...It does need power all the time. I'd keep it in the back of my truck hooked up to an outlet that was hot all of the time. With the Optima Yellow top, I never did have any problems...

Thanks, Bobby - I was running it in a Honda Element, rather than my Defender and since that vehicle didn't have a deep cycle battery I was reluctant to risk their battery. Unfortunately there isn't an outlet near where I park my D90, but I can leave it indoors until I need it, much as you did.

Originally Posted by dchapman
I was referring to this

Nope, don't recognize that. I'll have to ask John and Ho about it next time I'm at EE.


Originally Posted by traveltoad
It's like a 'fridge... get it cold... and keep it cold.

That was one of my thoughts - leave it plugged into a 110v outlet overnight (or longer) then transfer it to the vehicle, rather than starting in the vehicle at room temperature.

Thanks, Aaron

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