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Stephen, A or B should not make a measurable difference in anything. In fact, when I bought OME springs from EE a couple of times (I think) they were passenger side matched springs and I thought "hey, what a gyp, I got the short side of the deal" but once I had them on I was pleased and they provided the lift I needed and then some.

One thing you should do is get the rubber spring isolators for all four corners. These cut down on vibration and give about 1/4 inch in added height if you really want it. Disco 1 rear spring perches will also give you added height in the rear. I have these on my D2 with RTE springs now and it sits perfectly level when fully loaded, a bit "hot rod" when empty but that suits me fine.

If you don't have a set, go to NAPA and borrow or rent a set of spring compressors just in case. You can do the job without but that requires a lot mor disassembly than you think at first.

Good luck and cheers!
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