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There's little doubt the term "overland" could become the next "tactical," if we're not careful.

(Steve, FYI, gun magazines and accessory suppliers in the U.S. have taken to attaching the adjective "tactical" to completely ordinary pieces of kit, to make the consumer think he shares equipment with the local S.W.A.T. team and will immediately absorb their death-dealing skills by osmosis simply by using this specially designated flashlight or belt or keychain.)

On the other hand, we needed a term better than "off-road," which we don't do, or "back-road," which is indistinct, or, God forbid, "wheeling." "Expedition" is way overused and diluted. At least I can come up with a reasonably concise definition of "overlanding," which I doubt most of the "tactical" guys could do.

So there's nothing wrong with the term itself, as long as we don't wind up with overland valve caps and overland bungees and windscreen banners that say OVERLAND. But it's probably inevitable for a while, as the concept grows. Since we're surfing the wave right now, I'm not going to complain too much, although I will try to gently dissuade manufacturers who want us to review their Overland Litter Bag or their Overland Steering Wheel Cover.

Steve, those are great photos. Thanks for posting them.
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