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ahh, the famous rope trick...

It's interesting that Bill is getting famous for his rope trick.
He is demonstrating how to shorten the rigging line, using a loop and tuck trick, much as electricians use the same coiling technique to coil their cords at the end of the day. The Benchmade is being used to tie off the last loop of the line, after the length adjustment was made: in Anza Borrego Bill used a hitch pin for this purpose.

This was part of the high lift demo, where Bill was illustrating how to use a high lift, choker chain and nylon winch line as a winching technique.
That guy has more knowledge in his little finger than most of us put together. Man, he just moves that 60" high lift around like it weighs nothing, I can barely lift the 48".

Many thanks to John and Ho for sponsoring a great evening: EE is the best.
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