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I miss those pages as well. They were a lot of fun. I just looked over those pages and it's remarkable how much my tastes have changed. I used to like the pics where the Land Rover was the centerpiece of the pic. Now those are the rookie pics. Now I prefer the pics where the Land Rover is just in the pic and little else. Here are a few of my favorites.

Australian 6x6 Land Rovers peep the carnage:

That plane (MiG?) got worked. I'm guessing it got hit from the air, but I have no real idea.

I like this pic because it shows the hideousness of the Wolf snorkels:

Those Wolf snorkels are so ugly they're bitchin.

One day my ammo stash will look like that. I love how the packing straps are all rusted from exposure, but the painted cans are still in good shape. You just know the ammo within is minty fresh.

Another Wolf gets airlifted:

I'm guessing it's being lifted by the JATE rings.

Another one:

That's a beautiful photo. Too bad the trailer is there. It spoils the pic.

This is one of my favorites of the favorites:

That's some presidential palace in Basrah. And it certainly looks like a nice place. These Land Rovers are going Uptown. You can get another glimpse of that ridiculous Wolf snorkel. That thing is awesome.

This one is funny:

I wonder if that's a bullet hole in Saddam's forehead.

This pic is funnier to me now than it was when I first saw it:

The hamsexiness of this pic was lost on me many years ago. Now it definitely adds to the pic.

But the funniest part of the pic for me is how these Wolves are painted. They look as though someone just masked off the windows and lights and painted everything else. Everything's painted. The pintle, the JATE rings, the lug nuts, the drive flanges, etc. Everything. They probably painted the tires as well but the paint rubbed off. I get the exigencies of wartime and all that, but the pic is still funny. These trucks look a lot like those M4gery "builds" nowadays where the guy takes the can of Krylon tan and goes to town.

The jerrycan compartments on the sides of the Wolves are sweet. At least I think they're for Jerrycans. This is much more elegant than the spare tire compartments on the Australian 6x6s:

That giant hole in the side just cracks me up.

These are Australian Special Air Service soldiers. You know they're hispeed for several reasons. They're not wearing helmets; helmets are for chumps. They don't shave. Shaving is for the regular personnel. Their Land Rovers have six wheels rather than four. And, most probative of all, they use M4s. The AUGs for chumps. Real deal SAS soldiers use ARs.

I like this shot of the same crew:

That's an M4 with the carry handle removed and an ELCAN optical sight in its place.

Look right behind the 6x6 and just in front of the M4's front sight. These guys are engaging in some range time, probably to zero their weapons.

And look at the beautiful hills in the background. If it weren't for the war, that would be an awesome place to visit and explore.

Another Australian SAS man with an M4 and 6x6:

He's paying homage on ANZAC Day.

That barrel looks awfully long. It looks weird. The M203 cut looks very long and the barrel looks like a 16-incher rather than the 14.5" length found on the American M4s. It's probably an M4 barrel and it's just the angle.

Here's a very elegantly clad British soldier in front of an armored Defender:

This guy looks sharp. I like it when soldiers look like this rather than unshaven thugs with masks. Unfortunately, it's all the rage right now for our best troops to look and act like thugs. They probably watched too many basketball games.

Nice shot here:

That looks like some Busch Gardens action.

These Wolves look fresh off the assembly line:

No funky snorkels and no mystery-plastic hardtops, but they're still looking sweet.

I like this pic:

Those funky Wolf grills are sweet, but the thing that strikes me about this pic is the the Pinzies in the back. Note the tremendous amount of ground clearance under the Pinzies' portals. Look along the line of Pinzies. Look back and forth a few times. Then look at the Land Rovers. They look tremendously squatted, don't they? They look as though they were actually lowered. And the wheels look as though they're sticking out the side, like some chump installed wheel spacers behind the Wolf wheels. That's the power of portals.

SFOR Disco:

This Disco is looking sweet. Note the clear windows and the Disco steelies. Very nice.

Disco in its natural habitat:

This is one of my all-time favorites:

Sorry it's not a better pic. It's a scan from a book I have. It's two SAS soldiers after eating lunch on the Rangie's tail gate. It's hard to tell in that pic, but the guy in the rear is sporting a Hi-Power and the guy in the front has an MP5. You'll have to trust me that it's a sweet pic on paper.

I think this one is still my favorite:

I posted that earlier in this thread. I love those red tunics and bearskin hats with gold chain chin straps. Love the bluish gray coats too. These guys look bitchin.
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