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These are sweet Defenders being built:

Check out the wheels on the one in the rear. The tires look like 7.50 XZLs, but the alloys with the open drive flange and recessed lug nuts are a mystery.

I think I like the one in the back more than the one in the front. The one in the front is a little too tanned out for me Everything is tan. The wing vents are tan. The tool mounts are tan. The snorkel is tan (love those baby snorkels). The bumper is tan. The one in the back still has a good chunk of black mixed in with the tan. It looks more legit to me. It doesn't have that assembled-and-then-painted over look.

The rear of the one in the rear:

It's looking sweet from this few as well. Note the screw heads below the rear door. They're still white. And the steel flashing under the rear door is still galvanized. The other miscellaneous parts have their original finish as well. The light above the license plate isn't painted over, for example.

I love how the seats are still gray and the slides are still black:

The shotgun seat he appears to installing is a mystery. The driver's seat has no such frame for the back. I'm not sure what that frame is. It's not an ejection seat.

I'm guessing the interiors of those tanned-out Wolves in the Gulf are still green. Here we have a tan interior to match the exterior, and it's looking very factory and very sharp.

I love that steering wheel. I wish I had one in my truck. George at Rovers Down South had these wheels. I ordered one, only to find out it didn't fit my steering column's splines. I was seriously bummed.

You can see the mark on the right side of that steering column. The Defender steering columns are pre-stressed here for a rear fog switch. The cut-out is the mirror-image of the cut-out for the headlight switch. This truck is dying for a rear fog switch. Like this:

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