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The mid-nineties were the glory days for me as well. The NAS D-90, Disco1 and P38 were all in showrooms. Dealerships (Centres) looked like fly-fishing lodges. Everything from Toyota and Jeep was lame. We had the fully boxed frame, coil sprung straight axles, four-wheel disc brakes, full-time fourwheeldrive and aluminum V8. They didn't. Land Rover was king. Camel Trophy was at it's peak. Life was good.

Now the vehicles are still great but the magic is just gone.
I think the Land Rovers in Action are the only thing keeping it going.

When John posts pics like this:

and this:

together, it's no accident.

The common thread is there.

It's distinctly absent here:

These service pictures of Wolf Defenders and the like are the only contemporary images that still stir the heart.
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