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Originally Posted by johnlee
But the funniest part of the pic for me is how these Wolves are painted. They look as though someone just masked off the windows and lights and painted everything else. Everything's painted. The pintle, the JATE rings, the lug nuts, the drive flanges, etc. Everything. They probably painted the tires as well but the paint rubbed off. I get the exigencies of wartime and all that, but the pic is still funny. These trucks look a lot like those M4gery "builds" nowadays where the guy takes the can of Krylon tan and goes to town.

I think all of the MOD trucks that Land Rover manufactures come off the line in OD green. Then they get painted for the theater they go to in the fashion you described above. Only the ones that stay green aren't completely painted over.

My 110 was originally green, then painted sand (probably for the Gulf War) and then back to green again. It had a lot of shitty paint job layered on to it. When I sanded my wheels to paint them they had gone black-green-sand and back to black.
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