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Originally Posted by johnlee
Just to change it up a bit, here's a stocker:

I love this Rangie Classico. It's all there: the ugly paint, the clear windows, the hideously ugly Rostyle steelies that are trying to be allloys but didn't quite make it, the Japanese side mirrors, the exposed door hinges, the slotted bumper for the hand crank. I wish this pic were taken from the driver's side so that the exposed fuel filler would show. Tell me with a straight face the Range Rover Sport even dares to dream to compare to this beaut.

I'm welling up with Rangie love.

Can you imagine having one of the first 500 British Leyland Range Rover 2-doors in 1970 with both the LT-230 and a LSD in the rear...

The low 110 mirror... The vertical grill slats... The sliding rear glass... The right-of-column stereo.... The 4 speed LT-85...
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