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Originally Posted by Nadir_E
John - they elevate the passenger seat so that the gunner there is positioned higher relative to the dash board - better visibility, better ability to lay the (yet to be added) FN MAG on target.

Oh, that's sweet. I can't believe I didn't realize that when I saw the frame. I have tons of pics of the gunner elevated too. Rookie.

That deserves some Land Rover/MAG58 love:

This pic is hilarious. The commander in the APC must be a Jeeper or a Toyota guy. He has Land Rover envy. You can't see his face, but the envy is there. You can feel it. His vehicle is armored and armed with a cannon and it has to be more reliable, but when the Land Rovers are near he feels inferior. Suddenly, his APC feels like shit. He got issued the wrong vehicle. That's the Land Rover magic.

Homeboy's head is above the roll cage:

The Australian 6x6s have the same shotgun seat:

That MAG58 with the walnut buttstock is looking mighty fine there. The synthetic MAG58 buttstocks don't look nearly as nice.

I crack up every time I see that pic because the guy riding shotgun is wearing the electronic earmuffs. Can you imagine the concussion when the roof gunner lights up that M2?

This pic almost looks like a Trijicon ad. Note how both machineguns are fitted with ACOG Reflex sights. Just point and shoot. These are the later-model ACOG Reflexes with the hoods. My brother's Reflex is the older model without the hood:

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