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I fucking love this video.
I have it on my iPod and will fully admit I have sat in my MOD 110 and watched it.

That video is so sweet.
Each theater, each environment, air-drop, Camel Trophy, all of it.
Of course it's a marketing piece, with the L. Ron Hubbard Dyanetics music and staged shots, but you can't deny how badass the MODs in the video are.
Furthermore, they're not Wolf Defenders. They're 2.5 NA 110s. A number of them have that bitchin LAND ROVER 110 decal on the front. They have the hoods rolled like Confederate rebel bedrolls. They all have salisburys. There's no snowboarding gear, just those sweet aviator goggles. They're in the middle of the desert but they're wearing DPM.
They're are all kinds of armaments in there. Mk19 40mm launchers, HK11/21s, 90mm recoiless rifle, etc. But I like the .50 M2s and twin FN-MAGs that are mounted aircraft gunner style like twin Vickers or Lewis on a SAS LRDP vehicle. In fact, those guns make these trucks look like a coiler version of the pink panthers or the Willys jeeps. The Wolf Defenders are a look unto themselves, but these others are classics.

Here's the SAS Willys:

I love that last pic. It's so British Africa/Arabia. The guy driving has gone full native and wears a beard and the keffiyeh but the officer he's chatting with is wearing a duffle coat. I wonder what the weather was like. One of these two was either roasting or freezing. But there's some serious style in that pic. Lawrence is sporting a Sykes Fairbane commando dagger and those bitchin motorcycle gauntlets. And of course, he's got captured Wermacht jerry cans strapped to his jeep.

Here's the SIIA SAS Pink Panther:

The same great set-up, but now it's a Land Rover.
The smoke grenades and PSP are nice additions. The spare mount doesn't get any funkier. And it's pink. Sandglow and Tangiers don't have anything on straight up pink.

Now here's the MOD 110 like in the video:

It's still the same, just that much better.

Don't get me wrong, I like the WMIK Wolf Defender, but I like the MOD 110s in the video even more. Not because they're better, they aren't. But because they fit the lineage a little more cleanly.
Of course, I'm biased.
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