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I'm not feeling it on that Land Rover military video. The vehicles don't look like legit military vehicles to me. That alone wouldn't be so bad, but some of the trucks in the video are military vehicles, and the footage cuts back and forth. It's a shell game of sorts. It's kind of a turn-off.

Here are some pics of the vehicles in that video:

Machineguns are HK21s. The two battle carbines hanging from the roof rack look like G33s with SEF trigger housings. Even the presence of roller-delayed blowback and the Michelin XCLs can't save that pic for me. You can tell the weapons are there for man jewelry. They're not even loaded. This looks like some Special Vehicles vehicle in an OHV park rather than a genuine military vehicle in the field.

Another promo vehicle:

This looks like a transition vehicle from the older Defenders to the Wolf. Sure, it's got all of the "correct" man jewelry like the MAG58s (loaded this time), the Husky, the Michelin XCLs, jerrycans, hamsexiness, etc., but it still look like a promo shot. I think it's a sweet ride but that level of verismo just isn't there. No love.

Same vehicle from the side:

You can see the Wolf roll cage isn't there. The weapon beside the driver looks like one of those funky British M16s with the A2's chubby barrel, tubular forend, shell deflector, longer buttstock, and pistol grip with finger swell, but with the A1 carry handle. Like this:

More trucks from that video:

These look better. The Michelin XS tires are a nice touch. And there's that "Land Rover 110" sticker that Jack loves. I love it too. This sticker:

I love the WW2 SAS pics. They would be perfect if the vehicles weren't Jeeps. But they're sweet pics.

And to continue the pre-Wolf theme, here are some SAS Defenders from the first Gulf War:

You can see a Mog and a dirt bike mixed in there. The tires on the Defenders look extremely large. I think they're 9.00s. The first vehicle has a MILAN launcher mounted on it. You saw a MILAN in action in Jack's video.
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