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Originally Posted by johnlee
One more SAS pic from the first Gulf War:

Note the size of the tires there. I'm guessing 9.00s. Those aren't 8.25s, that's for sure.

They certainly look big, but can they really be 9.00s? Isn't a 9.00 like a 36" tire and it must weigh near on 200lbs.
The MOD 110 is strictly 2.5NA. It runs the 1.667 LT-230 to compensate for the weak motor even when turning little 7.50s. I can't even conceive of how Land Rover would gear those trucks to turn those tires. Maybe the SAS special ordered some V8 trucks for this role. I could see a V8 with a 1.6667 LT-230 and Santana 3.91 gears at the diffs managing but anything else would bog down big time.
Certainly there are aftermarket fourwheeling solutions to the big tire question, but I can't figure out what they would do at the factory or even LRSV to make 9.00s work.
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