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I'm pretty sure they're 9.00s.

Compare this pic:

with this pic:

That's a 9.00 XZL below my 8.25 spare. The rim isn't there in the 9.00 tire, but you can get a pretty good idea of the size of the rim through the hole in the tire and the white rim on the 8.25. My 8.25 isn't new there and has some tread wear, but you can see that the 9.00 is substantially larger. It wouldn't even fit on my truck because my 8.25 sits on the 5-ton Dixon-Bate Tow Jaw (which I like).

I'm pretty sure that's a 9.00 on that Special Air Service Defender.

If I recall, the 9.00s were about 36" tall and they weighed about 100 lbs. on our shop scale. In comparison. the 8.25 is about 34" tall and weighs about 70 lbs. My rim weighs about 30 lbs. so the 9.00 tire weighs as much as my 8.25 with the rim.
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