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I just looked through the old Action pages and found some more pics of SAS Defenders with what I think are 9.00s:

That looks older than the first Gulf War, but I can't be sure. But at a minimum the vehicle is set up like the Gulf War SAS Defenders so it's close in time.

The tires there aren't XZL's but you can tell they're big. They look a lot wider than a 8.25. They look about as wide as 265s, which makes me think they're 9.00s.

Also, the spare on the hood is looking awfully big. I have the spare tire mounting kit and planned to install it on my Defender so that I could have a second spare for Dusy- and Mexico-style trips. But I couldn't bring myself to drill the hood. But when Frank Motley was at the shop, I test-fitted an extra 8.25 wheel I had onto his hood and it looked bitchin. It didn't look huge like the tire on this Defender.

Incidentally, I love those Huskies with the relocated solenoid boxes.

This one is definitely from the Gulf War:

8.25s aren't even close to being that wide.

Note the Hi-Lift Jacks. Those are definitely Hi-Lifts and not Jack-Alls. You can also see that their weapons are bagged to prevent getting coated with sand and turning the lubricant into lapping compound.

A side shot:

Again, you have that rim dinkiness there. The tires are huge relative to the 16" rims. It's hard to say for sure, but I think the rear of the eyebrow there is cut off to make clearance for the 9.00s.

Better view of another trim job:

Note the artful trim job on the eyebrow. They had to chop it so that they could turn with the 9.00s mounted. My XZL's don't rub the front eyebrows at all, and I have my steering stops removed completely.

Another SAS trim job:

You can tell this is a different truck than in the previous pic because the chop job is different. Yet the chop job was necessary to provide clearance for the 9.00s. This is a very good view of the rim and you can tell it's not a 15-incher. It's too big. It's definitely a 16" rim.

One of the vehicles here has no eyebrow at all:

The other vehicles have the eyebrows, so I'm guessing the first vehicle lost the eyebrow somehow. Perhaps the chop job was insufficient and the 9.00 yanked the eyebrow off the wing? Who knows.

The SAS are waving their Union Jacks so that they don't get tagged by American aircraft. And note the kill marks on the wings. Hehe.

These are huge tires.
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