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These SAS trucks were indeed V8 powered.

"The One-Ten DPV (in the ##KD## series) which replaced the original Pinkies, is a much less camera-shy beast than its older brother. Many Gulf War photographs have surfaced over the last decade.
Like the original Series One, the teenager of the SAS Land Rover family was also crewed by three men and heavily armed, but it carried four times the payload (officially in real life all combat Land Rovers are heavily overloaded). It had capabilities that would stupefy the SAS driver of thirty years before.
Powered by the V8 petrol engine and with coil suspension instead of the cart springs used on the Series One, it was capable of penetrating deep behind enemy lines in desert conditions like its 1942 Jeep predecessor, but in a degree of comfort unimaginable to WWII heroes, at undreamt of speed and over unimaginable distances. The SAS DPV fighting columns of the 1991 Gulf War were to spend literally weeks behind enemy lines."
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